You’re 60 minutes away from feeling calm, creative and free.

Wouldn’t that feel great?

Instead of feeling caught for time and flat inside?

If you’ve ever said…

“I’m running on empty.”
“I’ve ticked all the right boxes -- good job, right friends, found Mr. Right -- but I feel trapped and frustrated.”
“I finish work, go home, and still have more work to do. It never ends.”
“Everything’s moving too fast, I can’t keep up with the pace.”

...Then this is the hour you need.

What do you really want? (I’ll help you find out.)

We can clean  this up in an hour…..

Yep! 60 minutes.. 3,600 seconds.

The Power Hour will give you an injection of vitality and fun.


  • Identify energy and power drains.

  • Connect with your natural rhythms .

  • Learn how to find energy from within.

  • Create more space in your life for fun and creativity.

  • Slow down to a sustainable pace.

    • The Power hour Plan will be emailed soon after our session

    • It’ll include the changes that you’ll make so life is sustainable and energizing

      3x 15 audio meditations. ( To increase your vitality everyday)

      2x Video tutorials to connect you with your creativity, natural rhythm   and individual spark.

      These are tools you’ll use long term so you can continue to have more calm , creativity and fun in your life Long after our Power Hour together.

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