Ever think OMG I’D love to do xyz but I’m terrified of what people will think?

Girl I hear you! been there, done that, bought the tshirt.

I used to be so scared of people seeing the real me.

So scared that I couldnt even tell people what my work was.

But now I’m out and proud and really want you to be here also!

Everybody has their own path to take….

I want you to know your message is needed and you’ve full permission to be yourself.

What is it The Pathway?

A 4 week training to gain clarity on your new path.

  • You’ll feel clear about your  message.

  • Build your new foundation and gain the tools  you need to stay focused and rooted on your path.

  • Shift your thinking from I’d love to create to ‘I am creating’

  • You’ll feel confident in paving your own path

  • You’ll express yourself freely, without the hangup of what will be think/ say.

  • You’ll have the backing of a community.

  • You’ll feel really grounded in what your authentic expression is.

    What happens during the 4 weeks?

          1. Self Initiate into Level 1 and Level 2 of Belvaspata Healing Modality and be supported during live calls by me

          2. Access to a private facebook group .6 weeks of unlimited support in an online community.

          3. Gain clear instructions and simple tools on how to pave your pathway.

            The community/ Support structure

            • Be held accountable by me through email support and in your community.

            • Be held in a safe and supportive space and allow your message to come through.

            • Develop authentic and honest relationships with me and others.

              Live Call Details

1st of July Live Call Clarity on your New Path

8th of July LIVE CALL Initiation Level I Belvaspata

Receive a ‘Level 1’ coaching program via email five days before.

22nd of July LIVE CALL Initiation Level 2.

Receive a Level 2 training program for this five days before.

Date 29th of July- 12th August After Care

  1. Training How to do a Belvaspata session video.

  2. Bonus video to keep you on tracks

  3. P.d.f ‘s and resources that will support you on your path.

Investment 300 euro . Receive Level 1 and Level 2 Certificates for Belvaspata Heart Healing. Accredited by Grandmaster of Belvaspata Tricia O Connor

“Working with Tricia was
Amazing! I felt very
Supported by her.

My biggest takeaway
From my training/journey
with Tricia is learning the
importance of grounding
and tuning into receiving
the gifts of healing from
the Angelic realm.

Being initiated into Level
1 and 2 Belvaspata was
a very loving, calming,
and healing experience.

I look forward to working
with Tricia in the future!

Christina B”