Awaken the real you

Your life is a piece of Art.

 I know you’re sick of hiding who you really are.

You want to be a richer experience of life. 

You want clarity 

You’re not like everybody else, you’ve got something different to share. 

How do you do this? 

Its easy! Its through your gifts, 

What’re you really good at?

Whatever just came into your head, thats it. 

When you use your gifts , life just flows and you start to omit a very different vibe!

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Are you hiding something really powerful?

Up until I was 27 I was doing a really good job of overly protecting and hiding my light. The gifts I had inside were very precious to me + I didnt want them be taken from me.

I was afraid I’d get it wrong.

At 27 I was in my first year of Saturn Return and I was not listening to my soul’s call for a second.

I was rebelling against my purpose, my uniqueness and I was making life very hard for myself.

Every 27 to 29 years, Saturn returns to the sign it was in when you were born, a cycle called The Saturn Return. Understanding this cosmic rite of passage can help you advance into your next stage of adulthood.


What do you want to be when you “grow up” and are you even ready to take on such a momentous role? Every 29.5 years (approximately), you’ll get the nudge you need to advance into a new stage of adulthood.

Side note Being resistance is not something you want to do during your Saturn return. He will chase you down and give you a dose of saturns medicine ( That dose of medicine means taking self responsibility, stop playing the victim and cut the bullshit)

And because I was not taking responsibility for my life, all areas of my life started to crumble.

I was not on solid ground, I had no foundation.

I had a job to do on Earth and I was ignoring it.

Everything was taken away so I could rebuild a new infrastructure.

I went deep into my spiritual studies and travelled with my shadow for three years and mined my unconscious for the jewels I needed.

I found clarity, I found confidence and I found my authentic voice.

You’ll find your truth and depth in there.

You’ll find more energy and a solid path you can follow.

You’ll know where you are going when you continue to follow your intuition.


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Being in the flow state makes you feel happier. Being creative opens you up to new possibilities.

I envision a world where you feel liberated, happier+ your just yourself.

I’m deeply passionate about Meditation, the Arts and Energy medicine and from my years of training and studying I know one thing to be true.

Whatever is going on in your internal world will manifest in your life.


According to Dr. Wayne Dyer "If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." In other words, our thoughts and feelings have a huge influence over our lives - physically and spiritually. This is a main principle of energy medicine.

I know this from experience now here are the scientific facts

Gunes Sevinc, a postdoctoral research fellow in the Department of Psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School and lead author of the study says

‘‘Mindfulness Meditation works similarly to exposure therapy, which exposes individuals to the stimuli they're afraid of in a safe environment to help them "gradually learn that these stimuli are no longer threatening." Sevinc added, "Mindfulness meditation provides a similar context and thereby may create an opportunity to learn that certain thoughts and sensations are not dangerous."

Omri Kleinberger, the CEO and founder of the corporate meditation and yoga company Ometa in New York City, explains—mindful meditation simply enables us to better monitor our thoughts and, in doing so, regulate our emotional responses to them.

"During an anxious episode, it is common for people to think things like, 'Everything is falling apart and I have no control over it.' In meditation, you learn to become mindfully more aware of your thoughts, so that when you experience a negative thought such as that, you can recognize it as being nothing more than just a thought, and let it go."

Harvard’s Teresa Amiable discovered that not only are people more creative in flow, they also report being more creative the day after a flow state—

during flow, the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex—the part of the brain charged with self-monitoring and impulse control—goes quiet. The DLPFC is our inner critic, that voice of doubt and disparagement. As a result, with this area deactivated, we’re far less critical and far more courageous, both augmenting our ability to imagine new possibilities and share those possibilities with the world.

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  • What they receive

  • Learn how to simplify your life and not always rushing

  • Stop pushing and learn how to receive from life

  • Receive an abundance of resources and worksheets from me on how awaken the real you.

  • Make 60 mins a week for your gifts

  • Make your gifts visible

  • Recognise the abundance of gifts you do have.

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Surprise gift

After our tailored sessions you’ll receive in the post from me a gift of a book that will support your journey plus a journal!!

I’m a major book work and have been studying all areas of spirtuality, Art, personal development for over 15 years.

Ive read some epic books that have gotten me on my path.! And I really want to share them with you !


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