Pioneer your purpose retreat to unlock your true self

Aisling and I both began our spiritual journey back in 2010. Even though our paths went in different directions, there were common thread being woven through the two of us. We were both determined to discover our true self and to find a way to pioneer our purpose, although at the time we didn’t have the language for it.

When we’d meet up over lunch, we’d be shouting with excitement at what we were discovering and often deep confusion about the hell was happening. Both of us were drawn to study energy therapy after years of formal education in University. Most recently we trained and initiated into the healing modality called Belvaspata “Healing of the Heart” which provided the tools we needed to unlock our true self after years of looking.

On your spiritual journey you feel isolated and lost. You often slip back into your old habits without the support of others who are on a similiar path. You’re feeling anxious around who you are and how you can bring that into your life in a way that’s solid and profitable.

Here’s the solution

Pioneer Your Purpose retreat will help you unlock your true self, magnify your purpose, explore your roadmap with the support of a community who are the same journey as you.

During the retreat you’ll have the space and permission to be your real self.

Take the time to celebrate your core passions and discover what’s possible for you.

You’ll be trained in Level 1 and Level 2 of Belvaspata “Healing of the Heart”.

This opens you up to manifesting your purpose.

Come into a warm welcoming container that helps you come home to yourself.

Details: Pioneer Your Purpose Retreat

Location: Co.Kerry, Ireland (Full address will be sent to you upon booking)

Date: Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd September 2019

Times: Saturday 10 am - 5 pm

Sunday 10.30 am - 1.30 pm

Food: Plant based Lunch is provided on both days created and designed by Aisling, Holistic Nutrition Coach.

Training videos and bonuses are provided before the retreat and after to take you to the next level.

You’ll be invited to join our private Facebook with the other students who’ve gone through the Pioneer Your Purpose Programme. In this space we offer masterclasses, accountability and study challenges with lifetime access to keep your momentum going after the retreat.

Price: 300 Euro per person


Limited spaces available. Doors close Friday 6th September at Midnight GMT. To make your booking email

Video testimonial of Rosie:


“Loved how intimate and natural it was. Loved the equal input from all people. Loved how soft it was. Food was so nourishing and comforting. Aisling and Tricia compliment each other beautifully. I learned so much from them but mostly they helped me access learning from myself.I felt an awakening of some kind. I feel revived and so alive and beautiful in myself. Thank you so much ladies”. - Rosie

“This retreat was beyond my expectations I felt so comfortable and at ease talking and listening to Aisling, Tricia and all the girls. As well as Belvaspata I took in so much knowledge from this retreat. Aisling and Tricia made learning so easy and relaxing . I also learned more about myself which I didn't expect. My experience this weekend was like learning, therapy and a relaxing holiday all rolled into one”. -Joanne

”Really enjoyed the two days. I felt held and comfortable with like minded people. I liked how it was a gentle , relaxing and enjoyable approach ye had to teaching. I feel more comfortable with spiritual side now after chatting and resonating with you and everyone. I learned so much about myself and had a massive release through the dreams after the invitation. Thanks for the lovely weekend”. - Denise

“It was a lovely relaxed . I really enjoyed being around people of like mind. I loved the interaction and learning from each other as well as receiving the Belvaspata healing energy. There was some really aha insights that surprised us all. Overall it was a really enjoyable weekend and the food was top notch. It was a real mood and vibration booster”. - Fiona