Would you like to train as a facilitator of Belvaspata Healing Modality?

I’m honoured to  initiate you into a new chapter of   your life.

You made  a brilliant move by getting in the driving seat.

Belvaspata works with the pure emotions of the Heart. It strengthens your connection to your emotional body and opens you up to life.

  • You can use it as an add on to your exisiting healing practitioner practice.

  • As tool to help you strengthen your connection to yourself and others.

As a supportive modality to your business or Art practice.

Over three session online I will facilitate your self initiations.

  • You’ll be initiated into Level 1 and Level 2 of Belvaspata

  • Preparation session/ Call 1 Initiate Level 1 and Receive training program for Level 1

  • Call 2 Initiate Level 2/ Training program

  • Call 3: Taking inspired action and Implementation of Belvaspata into your life

  • On completion Receive your Certificates

  • Receive email support from me throughout your Training.

Working with Tricia was
Amazing! I felt very
Supported by her.

My biggest takeaway
From my training/journey
with Tricia is learning the
importance of grounding
and tuning into receiving
the gifts of healing from
the Angelic realm.

Being initiated into Level
1 and 2 Belvaspata was
a very loving, calming,
and healing experience.

I look forward to working
with Tricia in the future!

Christina B
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