New Moon in Taurus by Tricia O Connor

Happy New Moon in Taurus!

The New moon is a time of planting seeds and starting afresh

Lets get down to it!

Taurus is a Earth energy . It is the bull grazing , huffing and puffing. Inhale exhale inhale exhale.

Then someone pisses him off and its showtime!!

What's bubbling underneath the surface that needs to be released in a fiery passionate way?

Who’s pissing you off?

What’s pissing you off?

What needs to change.

Give yourself permission to safely let it blow up.

The pen/ paintbrush is mightier then the sword .

How can you channel the fire and rage in a creative way rather then projecting onto others?

Ritual Questions.

Write these down on a piece of paper and any other new ideas, aspirations, people , thinsg you want to bring into your life?

1) What bubbling underneath the surface and needs to be expressed

2)What are you passionate about ?

3) What new things can you create with this fire and passion



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Being a Spiritual Nerd has helped me be my Authentic self by Tricia O Connor

I’m not a seeker, I’m not looking for the meaning of life.

I’ve always wanted  to forge my own path and create a lifes work.

As an Artist this doesn’t mean creating a body of work and having loads of exhibitions.

It means I tune people into cyclical time, their creativity, their essence and give people full permission to be their authentic self.

That’s my lifes work. Love it.

I’ve found the pieces to my path through Art college and doing an M.a in Art theory social theory and Socially Engaged Art.

Its come through training as a Meditation teacher and energy therapist and doing facilitation training.

Its come through being on the visual Arts committee for Kfest Arts Festival in Co.Kerry  in Ireland. And through working in Arts and Education.

It’s comes through attending retreats and reading alot of books

Its came through in many different forms.  

I stand for giving myself full permission to  shine and be authentic.

I feel held by life because I choose to live in cyclical time.

I‘ve alot of  clarity that I’m creating something that’s  beautiful and valuable.

I believe in making micro shifts to the individual & collective thinking. I don’t think its my responsibility to save the world but I am part  of a shift that helps us live in a way that’s nourishes our creativity and talents. Why push against the tide when you can learn to swim with it. Teaching this is something I’m really passionate about.

My training and study has shown me that it is possible to create a life that’s by design and not following what you  ‘should do’ .

Everybody has a unique spark and it’s yours and its worthy of expression.

I’ve  learned through study in  spiritual worlds is that you don’t need to be all love and happiness all the time.

I think the spiritual industries perpetuate  a form of perfectionism and your not ‘getting it’ if you don’t operate in a way that’s ‘spiritual’

This is bullshit.

As much as we are divine we are also human.

You can’t be happy and chilled out all the time.

You’re different every day. Give yourself permission to be authentically you.




Cyclical Living by Tricia O Connor

im starting to redesign my business/ life to align with my menstrual 28 day cycles.

When you start to bleed energetically its time to rest and evaluate whats not working.

On the 1st day of your period your left and right side of the brain are perfectly in sync.

I’ve been on fire all day and super clear and focused.

today I am meant to rest and evaluate

Being this clear and not being able to take action is difficult for me as I’m very action orientated.

I’m highly creative also but staying in rest moment has showing me not to leak it all over the place also just because the supply is there.

When I moved out of my work day I switched my focus to what trees and flowers I was going to plant in my garden. Then found myself getting pissed off cos I can’t plant everything now.

Reminding me again that everything has its season. And everything happens in perfect timing.

Cyclical living supports and nourishes us. Looking forward to seeing where this leads me.

Love to hear your opinions in the comments below.


Libra Full Moon by Tricia O Connor

Happy Libra Full Moon.

Human beings have painting and carved the Moon almost from the origins of creative expression . Ancient watchers and early civilizations often honour the Moon as a god.

Women have been gathering under the new and full moon for thousands of years.

We intuitively know  it holds our medicine, our healing and our wisdom.

On the New Moon we plant seeds. On the Full Moon we let go.

The Full Moon is a time of letting go of what is no longer serving us

Libra governs balance and harmony and is inviting us this month to look at

  1. Creating harmony in our relationships

  2. Creating balance between our male and female energies

  3. Where we can let of resistance to life.

  4. Where we can create more beauty .

Use this Full Moon to let go of what is creating imbalance in your life.

Are you constantly striving and have no time for play?

Are you  too extroverted and have no time for reflection?

Ritual questions for the Libra Full Moon

Write the answers to this on a piece of paper and then burn.

  • What is creating an imbalance in your life?

  • What practical steps can you do to let go of this?

  • Where are you too resistant towards something

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Whats going on in our community? by Tricia O Connor


‘’I’ve always been interested in meditation and like how this class focus’s on cycles and natural rhythms. I found its a great stress relief and very relaxing. It has a very nice group of people to meditate with also. Tricia is very welcoming and makes everyone feel very relaxed.’’


I was interested in developing my ability to control my everyday mood and understand more about my mindset. Its a really good start to the week and helps me get into a routine of practising myself during the week.

Sometimes things come up in me that are uncomfortable but this helps me grow as a person. Tricia is very helpful in class and is also available outside the class which is good.


‘‘I started so I could concentrate better. I feel like I am in the zone with it and Ive got alot more to learn. I found tricia great as a teacher’’.    


‘‘I joined meditation was for some “me time”

it’s so relaxed and everyone is very friendly. I look forward to it all week  I feel it energized me for the week and keeps me in a positive headspace.

I’ve only had positive experiences there.

Tricia is a fantastic teacher, she is very warm and is always teaching us something new. She explains what’s going on in the universe in such a way that everyone can can resonate with it. If you don’t have a lot of knowledge about these cycles you wont get lost in the conversation as Tricia explains it all so well.’’

Notre Dame by Tricia O Connor

A new foundation has been set.

Yesterday I cried all day for Notre dame and for the suppression of the Sacred Feminine

which underneath it has the ruins of a temple of Isis, is home to Mother Mary and Joan of Arc and was created by the Templars built in honour of Mary Magadalene .

The poles shifted and it freed deep karmic grief in my Heart.

I get alot of messages in my dreams and a few night ago I dreamt of a Pyramid with a spire going through it.

The Pyramid moved in two pieces moved in opposite rotation like a rubiks cube and I heard the words

‘A New foundation has been set’ and there was a real sense of  completion.

I woke delighted thinking oh great a fresh start, my foundation has been cemented.

But after feeling into my grief yesterday and today I realised this is about the collective.

Underneath the busyness  of everyday life we are transmissions of the Goddess.

That Sacred transmission being spoken through words, through treating our lives like its a piece of art, an embodied expression of our divine uniqueness.

A new foundation has been set and its calling you to step into your wholeness



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Be an Artist for 10 mins by Tricia O Connor

I used to be terrified of expressing who I am, I’d have a block in my throat when asked what I do.

I’m an Artist and Meditation teacher and I teach people how to tune into their natural rythms and creativity.

Simple.. No big deal , nothing woo woo about that.

You may be time poor in  but I know you can create 10 mins for yourself.


1) Destress and let go of your day

2) Recharge your batteries

3) Give yourself 10 mins to listen to yourself.

Click this link to watch the video

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Supressed Emotions by Tricia O Connor

We supress empowered emotions like joy, love ,forgiveness and compassion at much as we supress uncomfortable emotions just as pain, sadness, fear and anger.

Every cell in your body records every single thought and experience that you had today.

You cant be the same person everyday because we the biochemistry of our body changes daily in response to our thoughts and emotions.

When you suppress any of your emotions your range of potential and possibilities in life grows smaller.

You limit the flow of energy coming into your life.

When yo supress empowered emotions such as joy, love, or forgiveness it is often because we deem ourselves unworthy of experiencing these emotions.

What emotions and energy do you want to positively radiate?

Our biggest Fear by Tricia O Connor

Tricia O Connor

Published by Tricia O Connor

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How did something I was so scared of become my lifes work?
For most of my twenties I resisted the path that was laid out for me.
A path that was calling me into higher service as a Woman, Artist and Healer.
While I was training and studying as a Healer I was still hiding myself, my gifts and who I really was.
Then Saturn Return started to kick in when I was 27 and I got slammed hard.
All the doors that would lead me to run off my path closed.
As my souls memories began to resurface I'd have this awful sensation that I had a knife to my neck, that I was going to be killed.
I knew it made no sense but it felt very real.
I would tell friends and clients who came to see me, ‘dont tell anyone you were here’ . Madness!!
The only way for me to get rid of this fear was to go fully into it.
To go into my internal world and jump into the darkness, to look at the mother wound and fear of persecution.
As we all know Women who were healers, midwives, intuitives and anyone who was deemed powerful were persecuted.
Its a memory that's in the collective female psyche and it cannot be eradicated until we lovingly face it!
The Feminine arts of coming together in Meditation, Ritual, working with moon cycles and divination holds immense power.
I've seen personal power be returned to alot of Women through the Feminine Arts.
Its a power within you that if you feel it stirring, you cant ignore.

Forty Day Practices by Tricia O Connor

Committing to a 40 day practice trains your mind and builds your inner reserve of that mantra or affirmation. It creates a new energy in your body that will manifest in your external world .
That goes for all repetitive thoughts and stories you drop into your internal world. It will manifest.
You are not a victim to your reality.
You created it.
When things are shit and chaotic it's another invitation to clean up and return home to you. There are gifts and lessons to be learned even when life is tough .
I can't wait to receive more gifts in the coming months from this practice .
These gifts may come forth as wisdom, confidence, new opportunities, new relationships, money.

Forty day practice.jpg

Soften your Heart by Tricia O Connor

To soften your heart In a world that tells you to harden is a courageous act.

The object of the game of social conditioning is to keep you far away from the light, power and creativity that lies within.
To keep you away from the wisdom you need to help you survive and thrive in life. To keep you from using the inner compass that will lead you down a path designed just for you . To shine your light into the world is a courageous act.

Your Spiritual Journey by Tricia O Connor

When you're on a journey of self discovery or a spiritual journey.
You're inviting more light into parts of yourself that need more nurturing.

As a sensitive being you deeply feel your wounds .
You often feel them intensely.

We extra self care and self compassion.
Plain and simple.
This is how the new comes in, when we nurture our inner reserves. When we fill up our own cup.

As sensitive beings we must be so compassionate and kind to ourselves.
We have to put our foot down with life and say I am going to receive more from life. I want more from myself.