new moon

New Moon in Taurus by Tricia O Connor

Happy New Moon in Taurus!

The New moon is a time of planting seeds and starting afresh

Lets get down to it!

Taurus is a Earth energy . It is the bull grazing , huffing and puffing. Inhale exhale inhale exhale.

Then someone pisses him off and its showtime!!

What's bubbling underneath the surface that needs to be released in a fiery passionate way?

Who’s pissing you off?

What’s pissing you off?

What needs to change.

Give yourself permission to safely let it blow up.

The pen/ paintbrush is mightier then the sword .

How can you channel the fire and rage in a creative way rather then projecting onto others?

Ritual Questions.

Write these down on a piece of paper and any other new ideas, aspirations, people , thinsg you want to bring into your life?

1) What bubbling underneath the surface and needs to be expressed

2)What are you passionate about ?

3) What new things can you create with this fire and passion



bull fight.gif