natural rhythms

I'm always on a mission by Tricia O Connor

I’m always on a mish and last month I decided to deepen my connection to align my business with my menstrual cycle
I read about this in Do less by @katenorthrup
Aligning my business with my menstrual cycle means I can create rest stops, know when to go into planning mode,or when to push forward.
I’ve discovered I’ve way more time and feel much more grounded. 

If you’re driven and you’re doing life on your terms I highly recommend you do this
I got into it pretty easily because I live attuned with cycles anyway. I can imagine diving straight in is disorientating if you’re a newbie to cyclical living. 
Slowing down and listening to your body is not as easy as it seems. 
It takes practice and your attention but its not beyond your capabilities. 
And you can get apps to help you too which is cool!

I love my work so much .
I often realise ‘oh shit I just worked 7 days in a row and I didnt even notice’
Me and Beyonce are grind soulmates. 
She doesnt know this yet but she will….
Even if I'm enjoying my work it does inevitably lead to burn out. 
And burn out is the worst.

Today is the 1st day of my period, so its time to go inward, listen and let go of what doesn’t feel good. 
Obviously my life/ business cant come to a total halt but I can make adjustments. I’m taken myself off social media for 4 days.
No posts and no videos.

🌹 It’s important during the menstrual phase to look at your scedge and go ‘
''Ok what can i remove / put on hold while i rest and turn inwards’’
If life is too busy see what small shifts you can make.

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.