Our biggest Fear / by Tricia O Connor

Tricia O Connor

Published by Tricia O Connor

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How did something I was so scared of become my lifes work?
For most of my twenties I resisted the path that was laid out for me.
A path that was calling me into higher service as a Woman, Artist and Healer.
While I was training and studying as a Healer I was still hiding myself, my gifts and who I really was.
Then Saturn Return started to kick in when I was 27 and I got slammed hard.
All the doors that would lead me to run off my path closed.
As my souls memories began to resurface I'd have this awful sensation that I had a knife to my neck, that I was going to be killed.
I knew it made no sense but it felt very real.
I would tell friends and clients who came to see me, ‘dont tell anyone you were here’ . Madness!!
The only way for me to get rid of this fear was to go fully into it.
To go into my internal world and jump into the darkness, to look at the mother wound and fear of persecution.
As we all know Women who were healers, midwives, intuitives and anyone who was deemed powerful were persecuted.
Its a memory that's in the collective female psyche and it cannot be eradicated until we lovingly face it!
The Feminine arts of coming together in Meditation, Ritual, working with moon cycles and divination holds immense power.
I've seen personal power be returned to alot of Women through the Feminine Arts.
Its a power within you that if you feel it stirring, you cant ignore.