I was the black sheep at the party / by Tricia O Connor

Last summer I was invited to a party . ( I’ve been to a few since :) )

I did’nt know anyone going but thought it’ll be grand.

I’m confident and very happy in my own skin  but at this party I thought

Ohh shit this is going to be a tough crowd.

I was thinking how many side eyes will I get before someone says hello?

I felt  a bit like a black sheep so I hovered about..

You know what it’s like to be a black sheep don’t you.

You dont follow the mainstream and you stand out in the crowd and are usually laughing or causing mischief.  

Thankfully the sun and the sparkly drinks loosened people up and soon the host was introducing people as

 This is ( Insert Name)… He/ she is a ( Insert profession).

When it got around to me i was introduced as ‘ This is Tricia’

And that was  it …

No this is Tricia , shes an Artist she has. her own business etc etc’’

Just ‘This is Tricia’ .

Fuck this I thought

I have agency and what I do is valuable and I love it.

So I spent the rest of the evening in power mode stance and let people  know that I’m not

‘Just Tricia’.

Every time somebody has made me feel like a black sheep.

It makes me want to grow  bigger rather then contract.

This generally manifests itself as me wearing bright , sparkly outfits.  

Think back to a time when someone made you feel like a black sheep.

What did you do?

Just for fun imagine  if a Witch has just sat down beside you and said

‘’You’re  going to be the person you’ve always  dreamed of being for 24 hours and everyone is going to celebrate you’’

What would you do/ be?

. What just sprung into your mind. Write it down somewhere now!

Writing something down is like casting a spell..

When you write it down ,Life will start to  move in a direction that’ll support you in making this happen.

This might come in the form of a new book, a new course, a new relationship.

It’ll open up for you in many ways.

Post in the comments below about your Black sheep stories