Can I borrow another 20? / by Tricia O Connor

The fires in the Amazon have stopped me in my tracks watching the destruction greed is creating. 

The Amazon are the lungs of the earth and in Chinese medicine 

 The Lung is archetypally related to the father

Emotionally the Lung is nourished by respect .

 Learning to value who you are and what you do will attract respect from those around you. 

The lungs also hold grief and sadness. 

 It’s  very easy to fall into despair and blame and say the world is fucked. 

Im very conscious not to’’ love and light’’ this away by saying 

‘’This is a shift in consciousness this is happening to wake people up’’ 

On a larger scale it is. 

But to disassociate and not look at how Im contributing to the madness is spiritual bypassing

Instead of blaming the world/ other people’s greed. Im looking at this in terms of the Macrocosm/ Microcosm and at my own greed. 

The Macrocosm the great world or universe.

Microcosm a little world ( you) a community 

When I tune into the Earth  it feels like the scenario  where a child keeps asking its Mom

‘’Can I borrow 20 euro’’ over and over. 

She knows she wont get it back but  keeps giving it. 

 Im peeling back my patriarchal layers around my intentions/ actions

Where am I being greedy?

 Where am I using too much force? 

Asking for more more more when I already have more than enough

 I’m looking deeply at what I’m adding to the collective/ my community.

 Note to self Stop acting like a dick to earth with my consumers choices.

Last weekend I was looking at the Tetrapod  fossiled footprints that are 385 million years old on Valentia Island Co.Kerry. 

And it struck me that the Earth will continue to evolve and reshape itself with us on board or not.   

Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below



Tetrapod prints.jpg