You need to rest / by Tricia O Connor

You need to Rest 

Happy New Moon in Virgo

The New Moon is a time of planting seeds and starting afresh.

Virgo is an Earth sign , organised, hardworking and devoted to service. Virgo has a sweet/ holy vibe too.

The shadow side of this energy is perfectionism. 

Virgo new Moon is inviting you to choose simplicity over perfectionism

Where are you too focused outwardly.

Is there too much hustle and no rest?

What is going on in the macrocosm( the entire world) is also going on in the microcosm ( you, your body)

There is so much destruction being caused to the Earth/( the feminine)

How are you causing destruction to your own body?

Ritual Sugesstions

Over the next three days can you create a holy sanctuary in your own home and just be ?

Can you connect with the Earth and ask her 

what do you need rather then what can the earth give me. 

What can you simplify in your life. ?

How can you create more time for rest?

How can you clear away chaos to make room for more stillness



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