Full Moon in Aquarius / by Tricia O Connor

‘’I’m doing this, I’m going to change the world, so get out of my way’’

 Happy Full Moon in Aquarius

The Full Moon is a time of letting go. 

Let go of anything that is getting in the way of where you want to be.

You know that feeling.. 

You want something to happen and you’ll move mountains to make it happen.

Aquarius is the visionary, they stay firmly rooted in their vision even when life is telling them to forget about it. 

They have steel like conviction.

Aquarius challenges authority and what life should look like. 

They like to rattle cages so a bit so a better world can unfold. 

And as this energy is with us for the next three days it asks you. 

What is the vision you are creating?

Are you committed to your vision?

What are your gifts and how are you using them to change the world?

Can you rattle a few cages?

Post in the comments below how you’re feeling



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