The Power of Trial and Error / by Tricia O Connor

The power of being yourself. The power of trial and error

I’ve always been determined to do things my own way. It took me along time to get to Abundant Moon being birthed because I spent years in formal education and training trying to get things to fit. 

I went to Art college for four years and left thinking I dont want to be a gallery Artist or an Art Teacher. 

 I’m more interested in D.i.y spaces, creating communities and creating movements. 

But I wondered how do I create this and how can I make a living from this, and what was I trying to say. 

A few years past and time spent travelling and I was still seeking who am I as an Artist….

I went onto study an M.a in Art theory, social theory and socially engaged art. 

This ticked all my D.I.Y , punk , community boxes and I thought oh great I have found my niche as a Socially engaged Artist

Towards the end of my I had undergone a huge spiritual awakening and what happens when you go through your first awakening is alot of your belief systems start to dissolve. Your perception of yourself and the world changes.



Not to say that I dont take social responsibility or dissociate from the world. 

 By this I  mean you know your undergoing intense growth and who you are now and what your views are may change in a few weeks. :/ 

My intuition told me to keep moveing, dont settle… theres more…. 


While I was marinating on who I was as an Artist I went to  study and train in healing modalities and started working weekly with a mentor. 

Here I was finding all the missing pieces in the puzzle as an Artist. 

But something still didnt feel right, I was totally holistic type person either. 

My intuition whispered keep going…  

So now im in 2016 and Ive got all the plates spinning and I can weave them together and they are burning me out and I still cant make enough money. 

My friend advised me to start my own business so I could tie all the things together and create a platform that is like a digital d.i.y space where I can create a community. 

I had finally found  a way to weave my life and work together and help educate and share about cyclical living, creativity and the power of being you. 

Even when life isnt making sense continue to follow the threads and allow your true self to come through. 

I would love to hear you want to weave your life and work



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