Is the sudden jolt to your life asking you to think differently? / by Tricia O Connor

Happy Solar eclipse in Cancer 

Cancer is a highly imaginative sign and is guided by emotion and their heart, they could have a hard time blending into the world around them. 

Being ruled by the Moon, phases of the lunar cycle deepen their internal mysteries and create fleeting emotional patterns that are beyond their control.

Eclipses stop us from going around in loops.

They stop us following the same known path.

Eclipses are like a lightning bolt through your life that encourage you to stretch your thinking a bit, move past your limitations. 

Examples of limiting thoughts are

‘’I can’t meditate’’

‘’Nothing ever changes in my life I must be cursed’’ 

‘’I should’ve my life figured out by now’’

 Allow your neural pathways to discover new parts of the brain that will lead you to new experiences. 

The neural pathways in the brain begin to solidify by age 25; however, new neural pathways can be created with a bit of effort.

 By challenging yourself and taking on new habits, you can grow more neurons and create new pathways. 

New neural pathways are delicate and they need nourishment in order to strengthen. 

A good way to strengthen them would be by focusing on a new exercise or a new way of doing something. Sticking with it and master it until it becomes a habit. 

Easy! You can rewire your brain and life with just a few changes to your daily routine. 

An example of this would be

  1. Start painting

  2. Taking different routes to work

  3. Reading a book thats outside your usual interests. 

This solar eclipse is asking are you receiving enough , are you exercising your feminine muscle  Maybe how you treat yourself just isnt working anymore………...

For this eclipse think a little differently , what if this sudden jolt to your life is asking you to break away from what you usually do

Can you connect into the flow of emotions within? 

Can you hear what they are saying? Do they feel frozen or flowing?

Are you allowing your authentic self a chance to shine?

How are you feeling on this Eclipse post in the comments below



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