Circle time with four years olds taught me how to hold sacred circles. / by Tricia O Connor

I’ve taken major risks over the last few years so I could shape my world to be aligned with what I valued and what I want to create.

‘Jump and the net appears’ is a term you’ll hear alot in the business/ coaching world.

It doesnt,

Suffering for your Art. Being a martyr for your work. Living without so you can bring your greater vision in quicker is not a smart move.

It leave you feeling empty and worn out.

Celebrate all that you are learning and know where you are is perfect.

Support yourself financially now with other work that feeds into what you’re greater visions looks like to you.

Owning a small business and being on a spiritual journey does not mean my work and income is solely coming from Abundant Moon.

I also work with children, specifically children with special needs.

I’ve just spent a year working in a  school as an and working in an environment that promotes conscious teaching and Monetesorri learning.

Montessori principles are respect for the child, encouraging repetition and setting up learning environments that promote the childrens sense of belonging, confidence and agency plus sensory based learning tools.

It has taught me how to be more patient, softer and kinder.

Holy moly holding circle time with four years olds really teaches you how to hold sacred circles.

I’ve learned so much through children about how to support adults who are on a spiritual journey.

A spiritual journey is essentially focusing on what brings you the most joy and fulfillment and creating a life that is aligned with this.

It has shown me that  innocence , playfulness and curiosity  is in all people and that needs to be acknowledged. And people needs sacred spaces where a relationship to these qualities can be cultivated.  .

Would love to hear your opinions in the comments below.



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