Strawberry Full Moon / by Tricia O Connor

The Full Moon doorway opens its door for three days.  

Its a time of letting go , saying goodbye and closing doors.

When you’re beginning a new chapter, you have to close the door to some aspect of your past.

For the next three days don’t rush ahead , go inward, listen to what needs to be released

If you choose to change lanes and move in cyclical time you can mark into your calendar the moon phases.

You’re creating  space in your month to go inwards and nurture your emotions .

As much as you put hours  into work, you must also create space for things to come back to you.

This Strawberry Full Moon is bringing romance, new beginnings, fireworks, joy and celebration

It feels like good fortune, warmth , magic and wholeness

Sagittarius born are brave and full of confidence.

Their positivity lies in their open-mindedness. They are the ones who believe in moving on and exploring.

They are great admirers of freedom

The Strawberry full Moon is so warm and rich and invites you to think bigger, think on a global scale.

Stretch your creative muscle,.

Where would the adventurer within you take you?

It’s also asking us to stop running on a the treadmill of life.

You know life cant come to a halt but you’ve got an opportunity when you move with the cycles to take rest stops in your month.

Ritual questions

On the Full Moon you let go so make sure to burn what needs to be burned or buried over the next 3 days

  • What is causing you to contract or feel squeezed at the moment.

Can you let this go?

  • Where is there new energy/ good fortune happening in your life?

  • Look to the stars and moon tonight …. What is your greatest wish?

Write in the comments below your thoughts?



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