You're not lost, you're inbetween chapters / by Tricia O Connor

You’re flying along and everything is going well . Goals, aspirations, adventures…

everything is being ticked off the list.

You’re heading to a new place. You’re on the cusp of something great, you’ve made all the right decisions and you can feel change in the air.

You feel free , inspired and confident.

Then one day you wake up and you feel flat, anxious and a bit lost.

How did this happen everything was going so well?

You start to double back and think oh shit maybe I shouldnt have closed that chapter?

Maybe i shouldnt have moved house,

Maybe I shouldnt have sent that text.

Did i take a wrong turn?

I made all the right decisions but why do i still feel empty

Where you are at now is the in between space. You’re in between chapters

It feels like you’re standing in a corridor and a new door is in front of you but you cant open it just yet.

Dont worry the door will open , you just have to hang here in what is call the fertile void for a bit.

The fertile void is a really creative space if we learn to ground ourselves and not let the anxiety and the monkey mind take over.

So you’re here now

New life is coming so start prepping.

Here are some practical suggestions for being in the inbetween space.

Imagine you’re in an elevator and you’re just waiting for it to get to your new floor

Inbetween chapters to do list

  • Talk about it with your friends, ask them for support ( this is a weird space, you need to feel supported)

  • Take new routes to work ( this is so simple but so effective )

  • Go to different places to hang out ( you dont need to hang out in your old life anymore)

  • Mix up your daily routine a bit.

  • Go outside and ground yourself ( you can get really anxious and your self esteem can take a dip so stay rooted to the present)

  • Get rid of old clothes, stuff that doesnt feel like you anymore)

  • Paint, get some new journals,

  • Start a new book ( a different genre to what you normally pick)

  • Do a letting go ritual, celebrate who you used to be and welcome the new you in.

Are you inbetween chapters?

Post in the comments below if you are.



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