Stop poking at your wounds / by Tricia O Connor

On Monday evening at our Womens Meditation circle we looked at new beginnings

I create Womens meditation circles because these are the sacred spaces we need to be in so we can restore our energy, heal and get connected to the richness within.

Life doesnt add up does it? Where is the space to just be? Where do you go to get clear?

I love building this sacred spaces.

Before I begin our class I have things I want to create a center piece with. Flowers, soft fabrics, trinkets and candles.

I love beyonce, who doesnt!! and in her film Homecoming she said ‘every bead on the costumes has an intention sown into it.

And thats what I wanted to create in Meditation class this week.

Every petal  had an intention

‘ For you to see your light’

In my meditation circle I teach about cyclical living and use meditation techniques to help you be present to your enviorment. Present to yourself, Present to what you want in your life.

Life is too short to be constantly poking at your wounds.

And its no fun.

Its important to be meditate and take time to create a map of self enquiry.

But you’ll get stuck in your wounds if you give them more focus then what you want more of in your life.

This will happen if you’re on a spirtual journey, doing all the wound work is also glorified in the spirtual industries too much.

If you are like my work is are naturally comfortable with looking inwards.

You naturally have the tools to look inward.

Create the situations and enviorments in your life where you get to experience what feels most aligned with you and tend to what you need to release simultaneously.  

If you’re too focused on what is going on in your outside world and other people

You’ll miss the cinematic picture that is showing you the richness and gifts that lie within you.

Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below