Being a Spiritual Nerd has helped me be my Authentic self / by Tricia O Connor

I’m not a seeker, I’m not looking for the meaning of life.

I’ve always wanted  to forge my own path and create a lifes work.

As an Artist this doesn’t mean creating a body of work and having loads of exhibitions.

It means I tune people into cyclical time, their creativity, their essence and give people full permission to be their authentic self.

That’s my lifes work. Love it.

I’ve found the pieces to my path through Art college and doing an M.a in Art theory social theory and Socially Engaged Art.

Its come through training as a Meditation teacher and energy therapist and doing facilitation training.

Its come through being on the visual Arts committee for Kfest Arts Festival in Co.Kerry  in Ireland. And through working in Arts and Education.

It’s comes through attending retreats and reading alot of books

Its came through in many different forms.  

I stand for giving myself full permission to  shine and be authentic.

I feel held by life because I choose to live in cyclical time.

I‘ve alot of  clarity that I’m creating something that’s  beautiful and valuable.

I believe in making micro shifts to the individual & collective thinking. I don’t think its my responsibility to save the world but I am part  of a shift that helps us live in a way that’s nourishes our creativity and talents. Why push against the tide when you can learn to swim with it. Teaching this is something I’m really passionate about.

My training and study has shown me that it is possible to create a life that’s by design and not following what you  ‘should do’ .

Everybody has a unique spark and it’s yours and its worthy of expression.

I’ve  learned through study in  spiritual worlds is that you don’t need to be all love and happiness all the time.

I think the spiritual industries perpetuate  a form of perfectionism and your not ‘getting it’ if you don’t operate in a way that’s ‘spiritual’

This is bullshit.

As much as we are divine we are also human.

You can’t be happy and chilled out all the time.

You’re different every day. Give yourself permission to be authentically you.