Cyclical Living / by Tricia O Connor

im starting to redesign my business/ life to align with my menstrual 28 day cycles.

When you start to bleed energetically its time to rest and evaluate whats not working.

On the 1st day of your period your left and right side of the brain are perfectly in sync.

I’ve been on fire all day and super clear and focused.

today I am meant to rest and evaluate

Being this clear and not being able to take action is difficult for me as I’m very action orientated.

I’m highly creative also but staying in rest moment has showing me not to leak it all over the place also just because the supply is there.

When I moved out of my work day I switched my focus to what trees and flowers I was going to plant in my garden. Then found myself getting pissed off cos I can’t plant everything now.

Reminding me again that everything has its season. And everything happens in perfect timing.

Cyclical living supports and nourishes us. Looking forward to seeing where this leads me.

Love to hear your opinions in the comments below.