Libra Full Moon / by Tricia O Connor

Happy Libra Full Moon.

Human beings have painting and carved the Moon almost from the origins of creative expression . Ancient watchers and early civilizations often honour the Moon as a god.

Women have been gathering under the new and full moon for thousands of years.

We intuitively know  it holds our medicine, our healing and our wisdom.

On the New Moon we plant seeds. On the Full Moon we let go.

The Full Moon is a time of letting go of what is no longer serving us

Libra governs balance and harmony and is inviting us this month to look at

  1. Creating harmony in our relationships

  2. Creating balance between our male and female energies

  3. Where we can let of resistance to life.

  4. Where we can create more beauty .

Use this Full Moon to let go of what is creating imbalance in your life.

Are you constantly striving and have no time for play?

Are you  too extroverted and have no time for reflection?

Ritual questions for the Libra Full Moon

Write the answers to this on a piece of paper and then burn.

  • What is creating an imbalance in your life?

  • What practical steps can you do to let go of this?

  • Where are you too resistant towards something

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