Whats going on in our community? / by Tricia O Connor


‘’I’ve always been interested in meditation and like how this class focus’s on cycles and natural rhythms. I found its a great stress relief and very relaxing. It has a very nice group of people to meditate with also. Tricia is very welcoming and makes everyone feel very relaxed.’’


I was interested in developing my ability to control my everyday mood and understand more about my mindset. Its a really good start to the week and helps me get into a routine of practising myself during the week.

Sometimes things come up in me that are uncomfortable but this helps me grow as a person. Tricia is very helpful in class and is also available outside the class which is good.


‘‘I started so I could concentrate better. I feel like I am in the zone with it and Ive got alot more to learn. I found tricia great as a teacher’’.    


‘‘I joined meditation was for some “me time”

it’s so relaxed and everyone is very friendly. I look forward to it all week  I feel it energized me for the week and keeps me in a positive headspace.

I’ve only had positive experiences there.

Tricia is a fantastic teacher, she is very warm and is always teaching us something new. She explains what’s going on in the universe in such a way that everyone can can resonate with it. If you don’t have a lot of knowledge about these cycles you wont get lost in the conversation as Tricia explains it all so well.’’