Notre Dame / by Tricia O Connor

A new foundation has been set.

Yesterday I cried all day for Notre dame and for the suppression of the Sacred Feminine

which underneath it has the ruins of a temple of Isis, is home to Mother Mary and Joan of Arc and was created by the Templars built in honour of Mary Magadalene .

The poles shifted and it freed deep karmic grief in my Heart.

I get alot of messages in my dreams and a few night ago I dreamt of a Pyramid with a spire going through it.

The Pyramid moved in two pieces moved in opposite rotation like a rubiks cube and I heard the words

‘A New foundation has been set’ and there was a real sense of  completion.

I woke delighted thinking oh great a fresh start, my foundation has been cemented.

But after feeling into my grief yesterday and today I realised this is about the collective.

Underneath the busyness  of everyday life we are transmissions of the Goddess.

That Sacred transmission being spoken through words, through treating our lives like its a piece of art, an embodied expression of our divine uniqueness.

A new foundation has been set and its calling you to step into your wholeness



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