I'm not wearing a flower crown / by Tricia O Connor

I’m not wearing a flower crown..

Doing the work of the Goddess is not about wearing a flower crown taking cute pictures and looking ‘free’ 

My work is light, magic and very colourful but by no means is it airy fairy.

The behind the scenes of being on this path is often not light or magical. 

It takes enormous amounts of discipline and guts. 

It asks me to show up , take responsibility and stop blaming the world. 

It asks me to stop playing the victim. 

It tells me to turn a blind eye to bullshit and keep the head down!

It regularly brings me to my knees and whispers

‘’Another sacred text is written into the curve of your spine. 

Start talking about it’’ 

I’m not focused on being liked or getting likes. 

I’m focused on my work. 

I’m 33 in two months and they say thats when your soul work starts to fully land. 

This is when you really get going. 

I'm not wearing a flower crown.jpg