The depths of your determination by Tricia O Connor

Happy Full Moon in Aries, 

The Full Moon is a time of letting go and releasing what is no longer working for you. 

As we move closer to Samhain a dark and otherworldy fog is starting to roll over your thoughts. 

You feeling it?

Aries is a sign of passion and adventures and is a born leader. 

The Full Moon invites you to ask

What is the driving force behind what you are creating at the moment?

Is it a need to be validated and liked by other people?


Are you answering a calling deep inside  that encourages you to be more. 

You may also be feeling the reverberations of this Hunter Moon in a quieter way. 

Are you determined to look closer to home?

It could be that you are feeling a determination to declutter wardrobes


You could be putting a stop to people in your life just strolling into your house unannounced. 

Whether you are feeling this Hunter Moon in a big way or not 

Its asking you to clean up whats taking your focus away from what you’re creating. 

Post in the comments below how you’re feeling 



© Tricia O Connor 

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I'm not wearing a flower crown by Tricia O Connor

I’m not wearing a flower crown..

Doing the work of the Goddess is not about wearing a flower crown taking cute pictures and looking ‘free’ 

My work is light, magic and very colourful but by no means is it airy fairy.

The behind the scenes of being on this path is often not light or magical. 

It takes enormous amounts of discipline and guts. 

It asks me to show up , take responsibility and stop blaming the world. 

It asks me to stop playing the victim. 

It tells me to turn a blind eye to bullshit and keep the head down!

It regularly brings me to my knees and whispers

‘’Another sacred text is written into the curve of your spine. 

Start talking about it’’ 

I’m not focused on being liked or getting likes. 

I’m focused on my work. 

I’m 33 in two months and they say thats when your soul work starts to fully land. 

This is when you really get going. 

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Can I borrow another 20? by Tricia O Connor

The fires in the Amazon have stopped me in my tracks watching the destruction greed is creating. 

The Amazon are the lungs of the earth and in Chinese medicine 

 The Lung is archetypally related to the father

Emotionally the Lung is nourished by respect .

 Learning to value who you are and what you do will attract respect from those around you. 

The lungs also hold grief and sadness. 

 It’s  very easy to fall into despair and blame and say the world is fucked. 

Im very conscious not to’’ love and light’’ this away by saying 

‘’This is a shift in consciousness this is happening to wake people up’’ 

On a larger scale it is. 

But to disassociate and not look at how Im contributing to the madness is spiritual bypassing

Instead of blaming the world/ other people’s greed. Im looking at this in terms of the Macrocosm/ Microcosm and at my own greed. 

The Macrocosm the great world or universe.

Microcosm a little world ( you) a community 

When I tune into the Earth  it feels like the scenario  where a child keeps asking its Mom

‘’Can I borrow 20 euro’’ over and over. 

She knows she wont get it back but  keeps giving it. 

 Im peeling back my patriarchal layers around my intentions/ actions

Where am I being greedy?

 Where am I using too much force? 

Asking for more more more when I already have more than enough

 I’m looking deeply at what I’m adding to the collective/ my community.

 Note to self Stop acting like a dick to earth with my consumers choices.

Last weekend I was looking at the Tetrapod  fossiled footprints that are 385 million years old on Valentia Island Co.Kerry. 

And it struck me that the Earth will continue to evolve and reshape itself with us on board or not.   

Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below



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You need to rest by Tricia O Connor

You need to Rest 

Happy New Moon in Virgo

The New Moon is a time of planting seeds and starting afresh.

Virgo is an Earth sign , organised, hardworking and devoted to service. Virgo has a sweet/ holy vibe too.

The shadow side of this energy is perfectionism. 

Virgo new Moon is inviting you to choose simplicity over perfectionism

Where are you too focused outwardly.

Is there too much hustle and no rest?

What is going on in the macrocosm( the entire world) is also going on in the microcosm ( you, your body)

There is so much destruction being caused to the Earth/( the feminine)

How are you causing destruction to your own body?

Ritual Sugesstions

Over the next three days can you create a holy sanctuary in your own home and just be ?

Can you connect with the Earth and ask her 

what do you need rather then what can the earth give me. 

What can you simplify in your life. ?

How can you create more time for rest?

How can you clear away chaos to make room for more stillness



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Intuitive Painting Unlock your True Self by Tricia O Connor

Are you ready to unlock your next level? 🔥

Yesterday with the Aquarius Full Moon an extreme level of boredom over took me 🤣.

''I'm playing too small , what is my new vision'' ( that's visionary revolutionary Aquarius talking there )

The bored energy was stuck in me all morning so I decided I'd move it with paint .

This painting is about the insights gained during Meditation when the monkey mind is quiet.

One of the purposes of Meditation is to face life's challenges ( which are always there) with a growth mindset.

Life's challenges will cause you to stay in suffering/ victim mode if you can't see the lessons lying underneath.


Unlock your true self.jpg

Intuitive Painting ''A bigger vision'' by Tricia O Connor

‘’I feel like I’ve outgrown myself’’
‘’I am sick of playing small’’
‘’I just want more joy and adventure’’

Does this sound like you the last few days?
This seems to be EVERYBODY the last few days :)

A collective desire to take up more space in the world is definitely up!
Are you sleeping on your visions or are you planning your next move?

We’ve got two spots left for Pioneer Your Purpose Retreat



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Intuitive Painting I'm telling you a story by Tricia O Connor

'' I'm telling you a story " 💫💎

This intuitive painting is about life flowing in a cyclical fashion. 
Instead of going around in circles you move upwards on a spiral, always bringing in new experiences + a deeper understanding of what you choose to explore.
For me that's Art, Meditation, Cyclical living and the Mature/ Sacred Feminine. 
From today's vantage point I'm being shown that the cosmos is telling a story through me.

What needs to be unlocked from within you ?

Tricia #unlockyourtrueself #pioneeryourpurpose#retreat


Full Moon in Aquarius by Tricia O Connor

‘’I’m doing this, I’m going to change the world, so get out of my way’’

 Happy Full Moon in Aquarius

The Full Moon is a time of letting go. 

Let go of anything that is getting in the way of where you want to be.

You know that feeling.. 

You want something to happen and you’ll move mountains to make it happen.

Aquarius is the visionary, they stay firmly rooted in their vision even when life is telling them to forget about it. 

They have steel like conviction.

Aquarius challenges authority and what life should look like. 

They like to rattle cages so a bit so a better world can unfold. 

And as this energy is with us for the next three days it asks you. 

What is the vision you are creating?

Are you committed to your vision?

What are your gifts and how are you using them to change the world?

Can you rattle a few cages?

Post in the comments below how you’re feeling



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This is where your strength lies by Tricia O Connor

There is nothing worse than feeling powerless

I used to leak all my power by putting my energy into dead end jobs and being ‘busy’ 

I used to feel powerless because I was hiding who I was.

I removed the many cloaks I was wearing when I became acquainted with the wilderness inside me. 

I committed to hearing what my intuition was telling me. 

I committed to deep listening instead of pushing down the information. 

The definition of wild is  living in a state of nature; not tamed or domesticated:

My first journey into my wilderness began when I committed to living in alignment with the moon cycles. 

You’re committing each month to allowing something die within you and also allow  something be born. 

Trust me this is a practice you should start… 

This is where your power lies. 

You’re committing to being like nature, moving like the seasons sometimes fertile other times hibernating. 

You are committing to living life on your own terms. 

‘’I dont feel like being outwards today and that is fine’’

‘’ I’ve got some tidying up to do in my relationship so I can move forward and I honour this’’ 

 The definition of tame is or submissive, as a person or the disposition. changed from the wild  state; domesticated:

‘‘She just went along with things’’ 


 Your intuition shouts at you. 

You are more then this. You have something to say. You have work to do. 

And just going along with things is causing your wildness to fade away.  

How do you define yourself as you turnover a new leaf?

Present? Magnetic? Free? 

What will you choose?

I would love to hear in the comment below




The Rise of the Radically new You by Tricia O Connor

Happy Leo New Moon

What is different about you? 

Are you more mature? More confident, more outspoken, more creative? 

This is not a time for mourning the loss of who you used to be. 

This is a time of welcoming the radically new you. 

Leo is a warmhearted, dramtatic, colourful, fiery and passionate 

The new moon is about planting seeds and starting afresh.

Over the next few days listen and celebrate your authentic self as you enter a new phase in your life. 

Who is the new you?

What parts of you do you want to now start revealing. 

For me this is showing up as a huge desire to paint and be a studio. 

And this is what I intend to do alot of for the month of august while the new me fully lands. 

I can feel a new me coming through and I can feel it in my body and paint is the medicine I need to give it full expression. 

What are you burning through?

You have to burn away the parts of you that are preventing you from moving forward. 

Are you burning away an old belief system, an old story, an old relationship?

What are you passionate about, what sets your heart on fire? 

What is the force within you that is dying to get out. 

What parts of you have you put to the side because life is ‘too busy’ 

Why are you still making excuses about being too busy?

How is your life too busy for you? 

why are you not doing the things that you want to do. 

This is not a time for mourning the loss of who you used to be/ this is a time of welcoming the radically new you. 

Can you become the radically new you or is life ‘too busy’ to do the things you want to do. 

You’ll find the answers to this has you go inwards. 

You wont find these answers in the outer world, in other people 

You find them within. 

Pick up your journal or your paint brushes. 

Turn inwards and ask your self. 

  1. Who is the new me? 

  2. Listen to your intution what is telling you/ write it down or paint it.

  3. What is burning away?

  4. What do you want to create?

( As you move through all this fire make sure to ground into the earth so you dont get adrenal burnout) Too much fire equals adrenal burn out. 

I’d love to hear about who the radically new you is? 

Reply to this and let me now!

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The Power of Trial and Error by Tricia O Connor

The power of being yourself. The power of trial and error

I’ve always been determined to do things my own way. It took me along time to get to Abundant Moon being birthed because I spent years in formal education and training trying to get things to fit. 

I went to Art college for four years and left thinking I dont want to be a gallery Artist or an Art Teacher. 

 I’m more interested in D.i.y spaces, creating communities and creating movements. 

But I wondered how do I create this and how can I make a living from this, and what was I trying to say. 

A few years past and time spent travelling and I was still seeking who am I as an Artist….

I went onto study an M.a in Art theory, social theory and socially engaged art. 

This ticked all my D.I.Y , punk , community boxes and I thought oh great I have found my niche as a Socially engaged Artist

Towards the end of my I had undergone a huge spiritual awakening and what happens when you go through your first awakening is alot of your belief systems start to dissolve. Your perception of yourself and the world changes.



Not to say that I dont take social responsibility or dissociate from the world. 

 By this I  mean you know your undergoing intense growth and who you are now and what your views are may change in a few weeks. :/ 

My intuition told me to keep moveing, dont settle… theres more…. 


While I was marinating on who I was as an Artist I went to  study and train in healing modalities and started working weekly with a mentor. 

Here I was finding all the missing pieces in the puzzle as an Artist. 

But something still didnt feel right, I was totally holistic type person either. 

My intuition whispered keep going…  

So now im in 2016 and Ive got all the plates spinning and I can weave them together and they are burning me out and I still cant make enough money. 

My friend advised me to start my own business so I could tie all the things together and create a platform that is like a digital d.i.y space where I can create a community. 

I had finally found  a way to weave my life and work together and help educate and share about cyclical living, creativity and the power of being you. 

Even when life isnt making sense continue to follow the threads and allow your true self to come through. 

I would love to hear you want to weave your life and work



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Rebelling against my purpose made my life very hard by Tricia O Connor

In 2015 I was living in Bristol, having so much fun, lots of great friends and lots of gigs and exhibitions to go to.

Bristol is a very creative place and I felt I could be myself there.

Bristol has the vibe of a festival and everyone dresses how they want to dress. 

I had no intention of coming back to Ireland for a few years .One day I started to get this really strong need to go home.

 It felt like something inside me was calling me home. 

After crying non stop for a few weeks about my decision I decided to go back to Co.Kerry. 

I didnt really have a plan when I came home other then creating art and music events with my friends and bringing that Bristolian vibe home with me. 

I didnt have any solid plan or clarity  because I was also hiding who I was.

I was planning on keeping the spiritual side of me hidden.

 I’d no plans to share my skills and wisdom I was gathering from the spiritual journey Id been on since 2010. 

I was afraid of what people would think of me.

 I was protecting and hiding my light because I didnt want it to be taken from me.

I was afraid I’d get it wrong. 

I was in my first year of Saturn Return and I was not listening to my soul’s call for a second!!

I was rebelling against my purpose, my uniqueness and I was making life very hard for myself.

Every 27 to 29 years, Saturn returns to the sign it was in when you were born, a cycle called The Saturn Return. Understanding this cosmic rite of passage can help you advance into your next stage of adulthood.


What do you want to be when you “grow up” and are you even ready to take on such a momentous role? Every 29.5 years (approximately), you’ll get the nudge you need to advance into a new stage of adulthood.

Being rebellious is not something you want to do during your Saturn return.

And because I was not taking responsibility for my life, all areas of my life started to crumble.

 I was not on solid ground, I had no foundation. 

I had a job to do on Earth and I was ignoring it. 

Everything was taken away so I could rebuild a new infrastructure. 

I went deep into my spiritual studies and travelled with my shadow for three years and mined my unconscious for the jewels I needed. 

I found clarity, I found confidence and I found my authentic voice. 

The journey inwards is a courageous journey and often can be lonely. 

But you’ll find your truth and depth in there. 

You’ll find more energy and a solid path you can follow.

You’ll know where you are going and what you are doing if you continue to follow your intuition. 

Ask yourself 3 questions 

What is calling me?

What do I need? 

What do I desire?

Would love to hear your insights in the comments below



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Is the sudden jolt to your life asking you to think differently? by Tricia O Connor

Happy Solar eclipse in Cancer 

Cancer is a highly imaginative sign and is guided by emotion and their heart, they could have a hard time blending into the world around them. 

Being ruled by the Moon, phases of the lunar cycle deepen their internal mysteries and create fleeting emotional patterns that are beyond their control.

Eclipses stop us from going around in loops.

They stop us following the same known path.

Eclipses are like a lightning bolt through your life that encourage you to stretch your thinking a bit, move past your limitations. 

Examples of limiting thoughts are

‘’I can’t meditate’’

‘’Nothing ever changes in my life I must be cursed’’ 

‘’I should’ve my life figured out by now’’

 Allow your neural pathways to discover new parts of the brain that will lead you to new experiences. 

The neural pathways in the brain begin to solidify by age 25; however, new neural pathways can be created with a bit of effort.

 By challenging yourself and taking on new habits, you can grow more neurons and create new pathways. 

New neural pathways are delicate and they need nourishment in order to strengthen. 

A good way to strengthen them would be by focusing on a new exercise or a new way of doing something. Sticking with it and master it until it becomes a habit. 

Easy! You can rewire your brain and life with just a few changes to your daily routine. 

An example of this would be

  1. Start painting

  2. Taking different routes to work

  3. Reading a book thats outside your usual interests. 

This solar eclipse is asking are you receiving enough , are you exercising your feminine muscle  Maybe how you treat yourself just isnt working anymore………...

For this eclipse think a little differently , what if this sudden jolt to your life is asking you to break away from what you usually do

Can you connect into the flow of emotions within? 

Can you hear what they are saying? Do they feel frozen or flowing?

Are you allowing your authentic self a chance to shine?

How are you feeling on this Eclipse post in the comments below



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Did someone overstep their mark? by Tricia O Connor

If you are sensitive and you are inclined to give alot, you more then likely have had your boundaries crossed.
I used to have the worst boundaries and often couldn't figure out how to untangle myself from others energy fields.
Having healthy boundaries isnt something you're taught in school, it's a trial and error process navigating you're way towards having good boundaries with family and friends.

Relationships are tricky to navigate but the stronger the relationship you have with yourself the more tools we have in our tool box.

Everybody has had their boundaries crossed and everybody has crossed others boundaries. 

When your boundaries are crossed we feel unsafe, we feel like we are not being heard.

when the boundary is violated in order to do harm or take advantage, then you’ll likely need walls, gates and guards.


•    Have high self-esteem and self-respect.

•    Share personal information gradually, in a mutually sharing and trusting relationship.

•    Protect physical and emotional space from intrusion.

•    Have an equal partnership where responsibility and power are shared.

•    Be assertive. Confidently and truthfully say “yes” or “no” and be okay when others say “no” to you.

•    Separate your needs, thoughts, feelings, and desires from others. Recognize that your boundaries and needs are different from others.

•    Empower yourself to make healthy choices and take responsibility for yourself.

Here are some questions to help you gain clarity!

  1. Do you sacrifice your plans and goals in order to please others

  2. What do you value most about yourself.

  3. How do you feel when your boundaries have been over stepped.

Post in the comments below about the insight’s you’ve gained.



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Strawberry Full Moon by Tricia O Connor

The Full Moon doorway opens its door for three days.  

Its a time of letting go , saying goodbye and closing doors.

When you’re beginning a new chapter, you have to close the door to some aspect of your past.

For the next three days don’t rush ahead , go inward, listen to what needs to be released

If you choose to change lanes and move in cyclical time you can mark into your calendar the moon phases.

You’re creating  space in your month to go inwards and nurture your emotions .

As much as you put hours  into work, you must also create space for things to come back to you.

This Strawberry Full Moon is bringing romance, new beginnings, fireworks, joy and celebration

It feels like good fortune, warmth , magic and wholeness

Sagittarius born are brave and full of confidence.

Their positivity lies in their open-mindedness. They are the ones who believe in moving on and exploring.

They are great admirers of freedom

The Strawberry full Moon is so warm and rich and invites you to think bigger, think on a global scale.

Stretch your creative muscle,.

Where would the adventurer within you take you?

It’s also asking us to stop running on a the treadmill of life.

You know life cant come to a halt but you’ve got an opportunity when you move with the cycles to take rest stops in your month.

Ritual questions

On the Full Moon you let go so make sure to burn what needs to be burned or buried over the next 3 days

  • What is causing you to contract or feel squeezed at the moment.

Can you let this go?

  • Where is there new energy/ good fortune happening in your life?

  • Look to the stars and moon tonight …. What is your greatest wish?

Write in the comments below your thoughts?



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You're not lost, you're inbetween chapters by Tricia O Connor

This blog post gives you practical advice about what to do when you’re in between chapters. This place you’re in can either be really scary or it can be really creative and fun. This is place where you gather your friends, clear out some old clothes and start welcoming the new chapter in.

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Circle time with four years olds taught me how to hold sacred circles. by Tricia O Connor

I’ve taken major risks over the last few years so I could shape my world to be aligned with what I valued and what I want to create.

‘Jump and the net appears’ is a term you’ll hear alot in the business/ coaching world.

It doesnt,

Suffering for your Art. Being a martyr for your work. Living without so you can bring your greater vision in quicker is not a smart move.

It leave you feeling empty and worn out.

Celebrate all that you are learning and know where you are is perfect.

Support yourself financially now with other work that feeds into what you’re greater visions looks like to you.

Owning a small business and being on a spiritual journey does not mean my work and income is solely coming from Abundant Moon.

I also work with children, specifically children with special needs.

I’ve just spent a year working in a  school as an and working in an environment that promotes conscious teaching and Monetesorri learning.

Montessori principles are respect for the child, encouraging repetition and setting up learning environments that promote the childrens sense of belonging, confidence and agency plus sensory based learning tools.

It has taught me how to be more patient, softer and kinder.

Holy moly holding circle time with four years olds really teaches you how to hold sacred circles.

I’ve learned so much through children about how to support adults who are on a spiritual journey.

A spiritual journey is essentially focusing on what brings you the most joy and fulfillment and creating a life that is aligned with this.

It has shown me that  innocence , playfulness and curiosity  is in all people and that needs to be acknowledged. And people needs sacred spaces where a relationship to these qualities can be cultivated.  .

Would love to hear your opinions in the comments below.



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Stop poking at your wounds by Tricia O Connor

On Monday evening at our Womens Meditation circle we looked at new beginnings

I create Womens meditation circles because these are the sacred spaces we need to be in so we can restore our energy, heal and get connected to the richness within.

Life doesnt add up does it? Where is the space to just be? Where do you go to get clear?

I love building this sacred spaces.

Before I begin our class I have things I want to create a center piece with. Flowers, soft fabrics, trinkets and candles.

I love beyonce, who doesnt!! and in her film Homecoming she said ‘every bead on the costumes has an intention sown into it.

And thats what I wanted to create in Meditation class this week.

Every petal  had an intention

‘ For you to see your light’

In my meditation circle I teach about cyclical living and use meditation techniques to help you be present to your enviorment. Present to yourself, Present to what you want in your life.

Life is too short to be constantly poking at your wounds.

And its no fun.

Its important to be meditate and take time to create a map of self enquiry.

But you’ll get stuck in your wounds if you give them more focus then what you want more of in your life.

This will happen if you’re on a spirtual journey, doing all the wound work is also glorified in the spirtual industries too much.

If you are like my work is are naturally comfortable with looking inwards.

You naturally have the tools to look inward.

Create the situations and enviorments in your life where you get to experience what feels most aligned with you and tend to what you need to release simultaneously.  

If you’re too focused on what is going on in your outside world and other people

You’ll miss the cinematic picture that is showing you the richness and gifts that lie within you.

Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below




I'm always on a mission by Tricia O Connor

I’m always on a mish and last month I decided to deepen my connection to align my business with my menstrual cycle
I read about this in Do less by @katenorthrup
Aligning my business with my menstrual cycle means I can create rest stops, know when to go into planning mode,or when to push forward.
I’ve discovered I’ve way more time and feel much more grounded. 

If you’re driven and you’re doing life on your terms I highly recommend you do this
I got into it pretty easily because I live attuned with cycles anyway. I can imagine diving straight in is disorientating if you’re a newbie to cyclical living. 
Slowing down and listening to your body is not as easy as it seems. 
It takes practice and your attention but its not beyond your capabilities. 
And you can get apps to help you too which is cool!

I love my work so much .
I often realise ‘oh shit I just worked 7 days in a row and I didnt even notice’
Me and Beyonce are grind soulmates. 
She doesnt know this yet but she will….
Even if I'm enjoying my work it does inevitably lead to burn out. 
And burn out is the worst.

Today is the 1st day of my period, so its time to go inward, listen and let go of what doesn’t feel good. 
Obviously my life/ business cant come to a total halt but I can make adjustments. I’m taken myself off social media for 4 days.
No posts and no videos.

🌹 It’s important during the menstrual phase to look at your scedge and go ‘
''Ok what can i remove / put on hold while i rest and turn inwards’’
If life is too busy see what small shifts you can make.

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.