I’m the founder of 60 Mins of Me Time and I’m a Meditation Teacher and Artist.

I want you to be in a world that is rich with Creativity, authenticity, cyclical living.

Here you dont tick the box or answer to anybody. You don’t to strive to get it right.

You have full permission to be free and ignite your individual spark again!

‘‘ Tricia is a fantastic teacher, she is very warm and is always teaching me something new. She explains what’s going on in the Universe in such a way that I can resonate with it. If you don’t have a lot of knowledge about cyclical living you wont get lost in the conversation as Tricia explains it all so well. ‘‘

’I’ve always been interested in meditation and like how this class focus’s on cycles and natural rhythms. I found its a great stress relief and very relaxing. It has a very nice group of people to meditate with also. Tricia is very welcoming and makes everyone feel very relaxed.’’
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